Four More Reasons Why You Should Have a Divorce Lawyer on Your Side

In the previous article, we discussed the first four reasons that you should have a divorce lawyer on your side: Expert Advice Avoiding Common Mistakes Reduce Stress Keeping on an Appropriate Timeline In this article, we will continue with four more reasons it is important to have an effective and experienced family law attorney on … Read more

Four Reasons Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer on Your Side.

If you are considering getting a divorce, or know you will be going through one soon, you may be looking into lower cost alternatives to hiring an attorney.  Do-it-yourself solutions, un-bundled legal services and different types of mediation are becoming increasingly popular as divorcing couples look for ways to make their divorce as cost-effective as … Read more

What Happens to a Dog in a Divorce?

January 1st brings a Change in California Law Regarding Pets & Divorce What was considered “Family Property” will be considered “Community Property” In most divorces, the two biggest points of conflict are financial issues, and child custody.  However, due to a change in California family law that takes effect on Jan 1, 2019, pets may soon … Read more