What Divorced Men Wish They Had Done Differently

Perspective from Men who went through a divorce.

Whether you are just thinking about divorce, have begun speaking to your spouse to it, or are actively seeking a divorce attorney, managing regret or feelings of hesitation is a big part of divorce for most people. A recent article on Huffington Post interviewed men who had been through their divorce to try to determine what, if anything, they wish they had done differently during their marriage, or while going through the divorce process.

As the full article states, hindsight is 20/20 and it can be very difficult to fix a relationship while you are involved emotionally. Some of the items on the list speak to how men acted while their relationship was unraveling, and others show that sometimes divorce is inevitable, such as when two people get married for the wrong reasons, too fast or too young.

Here are some of the things men who had been through a divorce wished that they had done differently.

I wish I had waited to get married
• I wish I had been honest about my personal fears and struggles
• I wish I had stood up for myself more
• I wish I had truly listened to her because she just wanted to be heard
• I wish I had taken responsibility for my part in our issues

The full text of the article is available here.

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