Family Law During Covid-19 and the Quarantine

How You Can Still work with a Beverly Hills Divorce Lawyer

Little / No Contact

Most family law issues can be resolved with little or no court appearance. You do NOT need to wait until the courts are open to pursue a family law action

We are living through unprecedented times; On March 19th 2020 Governor Gavin Newsom issued a stay at home order to slow the spread of Covid-19 and as a result, many businesses and services have been put on hold.  The family law courts in California are currently not running, but that does NOT mean we cannot work on beginning or advancing your family law case.

How We Are Keeping Family Law Cases Moving Forward During the Quarantine

One misconception about family law is that it all happens in a court room.  The reality is, most of the family law process is the attorneys who represent the divorcing or co-parenting couple working on settling key issues and preparing the case for approval from the court.  Typically the attorneys work on the case, the court simply gives final approval. 

Planning & Preparation During Quarantine

Planning & Prep

A major part of any family law case is working with your attorney on planning & preparation. Our office is still performing these services at 100% capacity.

The Law office of Michael Maguire is still working on open cases as well as consulting with new clients.  If you are considering a divorce after the quarantine, you can contact our office today to begin the process.  We can conduct initial consultations via phone and email as well as by using Zoom or any of the video conferencing tools available.

Seeking Divorce After the Quarantine

Divorce Rates

Experts expect divorce rates to increase after the quarantine; increase is caused by spouse over-exposure and a delay in regular divorce activity.

The stay at home order is forcing a lot of couples to re-evaluate their marriage.  If are planning on seeking a divorce, do not wait until after the Covid-19 quarantine is over.  While we do not know exactly when courts and other non-essential businesses in California will re-open, you WILL want to be ahead of the game at that point.  Take advantage of videoconferencing, planning and preparation now and be ready to proceed when the courts re-open.

Bottle Neck

This increase is going to cause a lot of delays when the courts re-open as many people will be trying to get their case through at the same time.

Contact us Today

We are here to help you keep your family law issues moving during the Covid-19 quarantine. Even if you are looking to begin a new family law matter or file for divorce, we can help you.  Contact our office today so we can take the first step. 

Zoom Consult

You can start your divorce by taking to Michael Maguire about a customized strategy and a carefully planned timeline to ensure the best result.