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At The Law Offices of Michael L. Maguire & Associates, we love coming to work every day because we are doing what we are passionate about: helping families in our community through their legal problems. Our Beverly Hills family law attorneys know how valuable it can be to reach an outcome that does not ultimately harm you or your family. We treat each of our cases with fair, balanced, compassionate, and tenacious representation and we are never afraid to go to trial to secure the best possible resolution for your family. At our firm, your family's interests are given the highest priority, and we treat your case with the dignity and discretion that it deserves.

We strive to utilize our experience and knowledge as legal professionals and provide you with the help that you need to get through this difficult time. We have helped our past clients reach satisfactory resolutions, and to us, this sense of accomplishment is rewarding. Take a moment to read more about our areas of practice to determine how our firm can be of assistance to you and your family during this time of trial or hardship.

Providing Legal Representation to Protect Your Family


Divorce is the legal process that a couple must take in order to terminate the terms of a marital relationship or domestic partnership. Once a divorce is finalized, an individual will be legally single, allowing him or her to remarry or become a domestic partner once again. Because divorce can be extremely emotional, even for the most amicable of couples, it is wise to enlist the help of a skilled divorce attorney who can help you navigate the process with minimal risk or worry.

Marital Dissolution

The dissolution of a marriage can be based on a number of causes, including irreconcilable differences or incurable insanity. Once a marriage is dissolved, the finalized petition could cancel the rights of a spouse under the other spouse's will, trust, retirement plan, power of attorney, survivorship rights, or any other rights. We can assist you as you file the necessary documentation and can represent you through your petition for marital dissolution so that your rights, finances, and family are protected.

Legal Separation

Although legal separation is one way to separate from a spouse due to irreconcilable differences, legal separation does not legally terminate a marriage. A couple who legally separates can live separate and apart from one another and create a legal separation agreement that specifically decides property, money, or parenting issues. It also can allow a couple some time to resolve their differences. If enough time passes and the separating couple is unable to resolve their differences, they may be able to turn a legal separation into a full divorce, thus legally terminating the marriage.

Property Division

Some of the most hotly debated issues involved in a divorce are related to property division. A divorcing couple may battle over assets, debts, and property, leading to emotional — and often hurtful — arguments over issues that can be resolved with the help of a legal professional. If you need assistance determining how to fairly allocate your marital property, consult a lawyer.

Child Custody

In a divorce involving any minor children, child custody must be determined. Few things are more difficult than battling against a former spouse, especially when the struggle is over your own children. It can be hard, but by putting the fight aside and seeking help from a custody attorney who specifically handles highly contested custody matters, you can protect the interests of your entire family.

Child Support

When a couple with minor children files for divorce, terms for child support must be decided. The state of California allows for a divorcing couple to create a child support plan outside of the court through the process of mediation. If, however, for any reason a couple cannot agree upon a plan that adheres to the state's child custody guidelines, the court may intervene. It may be in your family's best interests to work with a skilled lawyer who completely understands the courts and the laws to make certain your child support agreement can be approved and enforced by the family courts.

Spousal Support

Also commonly known as alimony, spousal support refers to the financial support that one spouse can either receive or pay after a marriage dissolution or divorce. Although spousal support will not be guaranteed for every divorcing couple, support can be granted on a needs basis. The amount of spousal support will be awarded depending on the amount that was spent on the marital lifestyle and each person's income and assets. In order to make certain that the amount of support you are paying or receiving is fair for your particular circumstances, consult an experienced attorney.

Paternity Actions

An individual may need to establish paternity for many reasons. From gaining child custody to ensuring your child's financial needs are met through child support, a skilled lawyer can help assist with your paternity action so that your family's best interests are protected. Once paternity is established, we can assist with any of your family law matters.

Palimony Actions

If you and your domestic partner are considering taking separate paths, you may have many questions about how to make this transition. With the help of a professional attorney, your legal representative can help you and your former partner make the transition as smooth as possible through a palimony action, or a "Marvin" action.

Domestic Violence

Few things are as frightening as feeling unsafe in your own home. If you or your children are victims of domestic violence, you must take immediate legal action. A compassionate yet aggressive lawyer can take the necessary legal action to help stop such an unacceptable act of violence and protect you and your children from unnecessary emotional, physical, psychological, or sexual abuse.

Same-Sex Marriage & Relationships

We are committed to representing families and individuals from all walks of life, and unfortunately, any family unit can find itself in need of legal assistance. Due to recent changes in society and legislation, certain legal issues may arise in same-sex marriage or relationships that wouldn't normally arise in a heterosexual marriage or relationship. To ensure that your family law rights — and civil rights — are honored to the fullest extent of the law, move forward with an attorney who has a full understanding of and compassion for you and your family.

High-Asset & Celebrity Cases

High-asset and celebrity cases require legal attention from an attorney who is familiar with these unique circumstances and who can uphold the integrity of any financial portfolio and any familial dynamic. Our legal team has handled many high-asset and celebrity cases due to our extensive knowledge of family law, our discretion, and our use of trusted forensic accountants. We have a wide range of expert contacts and networks to ensure the safety of your finances, and more importantly, your family and your reputation.

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