Quarantine, Marriage & Divorce

Evaluating the effect of Quarantine on Divorce

Many family law & relationship experts expect to see a sharp increase in divorces after the end of the quarantine. We at The Law Offices of Michael L. Maguire & Associates also anticipate higher than usual divorce activity after the lockdown ends, mainly for two reasons:

  1. There will be a backlog of the normal amount of divorce activity that has been waiting to move through the court system.
  2. We expect a higher than usual divorce rate because of couples whose relationship struggled through the quarantine and now they are pursuing a divorce.

Challenges of Marriage through a Stay at Home Order

Most marriages function best when there is a routine. We go off to work, we pick up and drop off the kids, there are activities on nights and weekends. Then all the sudden everything normal comes to a screeching halt and you find yourself in a situation that feels a little like house arrest with your spouse. Patience runs thin; tiny annoyances become major problems. However, most healthy relationships can persevere through a challenging situation. Finding the right balance of boundaries and openness, being more purposeful in your communications… there are solutions to many marital problems.

However, for relationships and marriages where communication is difficult and there is not a lot of experience with problem solving (couples who have struggled in the past, younger couples who have never faced anything like this)

There is also, of course an entire wave of financial repercussions that are coming, or may have already hit your household, that will create stress for couples that can lead to divorce.

Problem Solving and Relationships Under a Microscope

The reality is, like most challenges that are faced in a relationship, there aren’t any easy answers. Some marriages that are built on openness and honesty find a way to work through hard times. Other marriages are exposed by hard times; cracks and flaws that had been there for years become too much of a weight to bear. The quarantine and being isolated with your partner can open your eyes to things that you didn’t see before

Solutions to Marital Problems Caused by the Quarantine

There aren’t easy solutions to the challenges caused by the quarantine. Some couples will choose to pursue counseling, which can be a very effective tool if you are willing to work at it. Others will likely pursue divorce which can give them the opportunity at a new beginning and find someone that truly makes them happy. Some couples will simply go back to their old ways in a bad marriage, and that may be the worst outcome of all.

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