Quarantine, Marriage & Divorce

Many family law & relationship experts expect to see a sharp increase in divorces after the end of the quarantine. We at The Law Offices of Michael L. Maguire & Associates also anticipate higher than usual divorce activity after the lockdown ends, mainly for two reasons: There will be a backlog of the normal amount … Read more

Navigating the Financial Side of a Relationship

Discussing Money With Your Partner For a Healthier Future: 101 Fights over money are fairly common, especially as two people share more and more financial responsibility.  However, fights over money, or simply not seeing eye-to-eye over finances remain one of the leading causes of divorce.  Fights over money tend to get toxic pretty quickly; they … Read more

Patience, Relationships & Divorce

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Patience is a Virtue” most of your life. Patience is something that people generally seem to struggle with. We have all lost our patience in situations that have probably caused other people problems, just as we have ourselves have likely been the victims of other peoples’ impatience. Being more in … Read more