Conflict & Divorce

Conflict and Divorce seem like they are linked to each other. Most divorcing spouses come to the decision to get divorced because of conflict.  Without conflict in a marriage, it’s hard to imagine why two people would decide to get divorced.   Since conflict is typically the cause of divorce, most people assume that the divorce … Read more

Self Actualization & Marriage

How Our Expectations of Marriage Have Changed Over Time In a recent article featured in the Atlantic, author Olga Khazan presents some interesting questions to Eli Finkel, a Professor of Psychology and the author of “The All-or-Nothing Marriage”.  The author Finkel explains in his book that a “modern marriage” comes with much higher expectations than … Read more

Home Equity

Home Equity, Divorce & Asset Division When two spouses divorce, they go through a process of asset division.  There are some assets, like a checking account, that are very easy to divide.  These assets are sometimes called “liquid” assets.   For many middle class families, the primary home where they live is typically the most expensive … Read more